My Man Cheated with a Swamp Donkey — Here’s What I Did…

After months of my boyfriend denying his involvement with a much younger woman, he finally had to come clean. I mean, what choice did he have? His friends told me EVERYTHING! Thankfully, they gave me her name so I was able to look her up on Facebook. She literally had a photo of herself standing in a swamp, with a camo bandanna around her head. My first impression as I looked at the photo…”OMG, she’s a total swamp donkey!”

I couldn’t help but share my discovery with my ex. It always bugged him so much when I learned more details about his affair.

The conversation with my ex that day was short and sweet, but he got my point. If he thought for a second he traded up because was younger, he was sadly mistaken.

So, if you’re feeling a little upset over the woman who cheated with your man, try calling her a swamp donkey! There is something so satisfying about the phrase.

What do you think?

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