I Made My Cheating Ex SO PARANOID With This Little Trick ;)

Dealing with a cheating ex? I understand how difficult that can be. In fact, I was in your exact situation a few years back. If you want to learn more about that story, visit this link: URL

Many nights I spent a lot of time thinking about what people thought of my ex’s cheating scandal. At the time, I was living in a small community and word travelled fast! (that’s putting it lightly) To make things worse, I was a business owner and fairly well known by everyone. I truly felt like crawling under a rock and just staying there — just until he accidentally lost his junk in an unfortunately dating accident.

The whole cheating situation made me really angry, which I’m sure many of you who are reading this can relate to. Maybe I could have handled my anger better, but there was a specific moment that made me think to myself, “why am I the only one feeling pain over his poor decisions, while he sits back and enjoys life with a teenage homewrecker?” OK, so maybe she wasn’t a teenager, but she was half his age, so the comparison isn’t too far off!

As the breakup unfolded, my pathetic ex had gotten into the habit of texting each night around 9pm. Don’t be fooled — it wasn’t because he actually loved and missed me. He was only checking in to see what else I found out about his secret life while we were together. He learned that a lot of his so-called “friends” had gotten in touch to let me know what was going on with his life (to learn more about that, visit this post URL). Every time I presented him with more information about his secret life, he became almost obsessed with who was telling me everything.

One evening, I decided to take a different approach to his nightly check-in with me. I poured up a stiff drink of vodka and seven, sat on the comfy chair, and waited for my phone to beep.

Like clockwork — the clock struck 9pm and the “jerk” texted.

THE JERK: The least you could do is tell me who at work is out to get me! Please give me that. I am already screwed. I know my days are short at work. I know people are watching.

What’s interesting about my ex is that he literally had zero concern for me or my feelings — he only cared about himself. To not speak to me all day, and then to reach out when his secret girlfriend was at the gym was beyond rude. How self centered can one be? It was at this point I knew I was going to give it to him hard and play on every single bit of the paranoia he was feeling…

ME: You can feel them watching you, huh? That sucks.

THE JERK: Tell me who is talking about me right now!

Ummm, how about no! That’s right — it was time for him to feel confused and upset. This moment felt glorious, haha! He was literally eating out of the palm of my hand. Hanging on every single work I fed to him, so I decided to turn up the heat…

ME: People are disgusted with your behavior. Everyone sees you with her. They know you cheated and they think you’re gross.

THE JERK: If you cared at all, you would tell me who is telling you this nonsense. I deserve to know if I have a friend at work. Right now, it feels like they all hate me.

If I cared at all, I would tell him? Really? Imagine saying this to a person you cheated on in the home you shared together. Unreal! This loser was pulling out all the stops just desperately hoping that I had some form of feelings left for him that he could manipulate for his own personal gain. What a selfish jerk.

ME: To be honest, everyone does hate you. They are all nice to your face, but behind your back they are plotting against you.

THE JERK: Are you going to tell me or not? Now you’re just messing with my head.

Hah! I guess he wasn’t quite as stupid as I thought. He caught on quickly to my little plan! Too bad he wasn’t smart enough to make better choices. Hmmm. There’s a thought.

ME: Everything I’m saying is completely true. It’s too bad you’re going to lose your job because of your poor choices.

THE JERK: Please stop texting me.

ME: Sorry. You used to be successful, and now you’re a joke. Must be tough, huh?

Needless to say, I never got a response that evening…

If you’re dealing with a cheating ex who never takes responsibility and goes out of their way to keep hurting you, even after their secrets have been revealed, try this trick to make them angry. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Have fun!

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